Golf Club Ca’ Della Nave

The Golf Club Cà della Nave is one of the most renowned golf courses on the Venetian mainland, on the background of a splendid 16th century Patrician villa with its centuries-old park, a complex of refined architecture that host the Club House. At the Palmer Course Design Company they certainly did not lack for natural features to design what has been called one of the most impressive golf courses of Italy. The par-72 layout runs through trees and along many water hazard to set up some spectacular shot opportunities. The green of the 18th hole is at the center of the park, designed in the 18th century by Andre Godeau: an appropriate arrival for a course worthy of great champions.

Golf Club Ca' Della Nave

Golf Course
Holes 18 + 9 executive
Course length 6.350 m
Landscape  flat
Water in play on 12 holes
Trees in play tree lined fairways
Rental clubs, golf cart, trolleys

Contact us for Booking:

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