Golf in Veneto

Discover the Undiscovered

Exploring Veneto through its vineyards, the treasures of its art in history; enjoying breakfast on the boat in front of Piazza San Marco, Venice, finally to end the day sipping Prosecco on board of a fluvial yacht (the Houseboat) along the Sile and the Brenta, as you cruise by the elegant Palladian villas. These are just some of the experiences that Veneto offers.

There can be no doubt that exploring nature off the beaten path, discovering lesser-known wonders and observing the most popular places from a different perspective, riding a bike or walking along the paths of faith, awakens new sensations

A certain solemnity fills the soul at the sight of the rough paths carved out by soldiers during the Great War, along the Piave river and over Monte Grappa, from the plain Asiago to the highest peaks of the Dolomites and down to the sea – the roads traveled by Hemingway – and we sense the strong fighting spirit of those mountaineering troops as they battled their way through the region.

Every visit, every site tells a story or celebrates an event and provides an opportunity to diversify the holiday playing golf on manicured courses that cover the whole territory, from the hinterland to the coast, from the mountains to the valleys of the lagoon.

Training on the golf courses where Matteo Manessero got his start, competing with the scores posted on the walls of the Club houses, signed by Italian Open and European Tour winners, are all part of the experience of playing golf in Veneto, which is also the winner of the prestigious Best Undiscovered Golf Destination in the World 2013.

Veneto boasts historic courses managed respecting the tradition of the Club where a sophisticated but familiar, relaxed atmosphere welcome the player, and keep the hectic routine, the obligations and the clock at bay.